About Us

Lulu's is a funky boutique for all ages! Located in Hartsville, South Carolina, we've been around for about 40 years, going through many changes along the way. As of now, we are a women's fashion boutique, selling many types of clothes, shoes, and jewelry!
Lulu's Policies

Approvals: We will let you take an item on approval for 48 hours only, provided you leave us card info (we will charge you if items are kept out).

Holds: We will hold an item for up to 24 hours before putting it back on the sales floor.

Layaway: We offer a layaway service, provided you pay 25% down. If all payments are not paid within 60 days, the items will be put back on the sales floor, regardless of how much is paid off.

Alterations: Complimentary alterations are provided, if needed, on your Lulu's purchases.

Love Style, Love Fashion and Shop Lulu's!!
The Lulu's Girls